A Mealtime Story


SouperKitchen is a donation-based communal dining program, operating  in public venues to provide equal access to good food for all its guests. By offering a transparent food experience, SouperKitchen will be an experiment in hands-on food education.

for the hungrier reader:

what SouperKitchen is:

Working within New York City 501c3 nonprofit Prime Produce, SouperKitchen is a fledgling project that offers meals on a rotating basis at public events and venues across upper Manhattan. Masterminded by a devoted and energetic group of recent college grads, SouperKitchen is revealing itself further every day.

Starting in May, we will begin filling bellies, 50 at a time. Cooking tasty meals in a Harlem apartment’s half kitchen, we will hand deliver them at events to promote and fund our fast-approaching endeavor to buy and refurbish a truck. It doesn’t take much more than the combined diligence of a healthy group to transform a small-scale operation into the bustling public experiment in community it promises to be.

what SouperKitchen will be:

SouperKitchen is committed to equally and fairly serving the chronically empty-bellied, providing those weary of assembly line style cafeterias with a long-overdue response to the dearth of deliciousness in hard to reach crannies and otherwise less commercial regions of New York.

This will all be achieved, incredible as it may sound, from within the confines of a refurbished truck. The mobility of having a vehicle at our disposal will allow us logistical, geographic, and demographic freedom. The SouperKitchen experience will be both unique and immensely familiar: salaried professionals and welfare recipients alike have shared the experience of street food in New York, and SouperKitchen strives to emulate this.
SouperKitchen will provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity for students and young professionals to put their able minds and bodies to work as liaison and ally for New York’s many diverse appetites. These hard-working volunteers will help to foster one of the most basic communities there can be: the community of the table.

As our project takes shape, we will be recognized for our truck-and-tent duo. Even in a city as dense as ours, underutilized space proliferates in Manhattan, and SouperKitchen plans to take full advantage of this opportunity as a continuously pop-up exercise in community building. Our refurbished truck will park and serve its various guests in various vacant lots throughout New York City.